-NOV 15, 2013 UPDATE


This Striking Responsive Beta Ver 1.0 is covered under the Themeforest License and cannot be redistributed in whole or in part without the expressed written permission of the copyright holders. It is for the sole use of legal license holders.

THIS is an update to the OFFICIAL version of Striking Responsive that has been forwarded to Themeforest for approval. Please use the release to familiarize oneself with its features and abilities, and undertake testing so we at the Striking team obtain some feedback on potential bugs. PLEASE SEE THE VERY IMPORTANT NOTES BELOW ON UPDATING AND THE REVOLUTION SLIDER. There is more information on many prior beta builds found below.

We are still working on further revisions to the in-theme help, completion of the video help series, and the ancillary stuff such as new online demo, new installable demo, move to this site for the support forum, and so on…..

See the Changelog found below the download link which details recent beta changes, and outstanding matters.

Striking Responsive Thread Ver 1.0 at the Striking Support Forum.

Concurrent to official release on Themeforest we will have a video on the process necessary to convert your existing installation of or 5.2 to Striking Responsive. There are a number of steps necessary, and the time to convert will in part depend on the size of your site. We have noted in the release thread the necessary steps, and soon will have a conversion video for viewing.


If you have not done so yet please log into your Themeforest account and then surf over to the Striking page, and please give Striking a star rating. We would like to have at least 2000 five star ratings, and would be most grateful if you would help us along on this goal. So we ask that if you like Striking, to give us such a rating, and also give us a positive comment in the comments thread for the Striking Theme.

We ask that interested users test out this version of Striking and report in the responsive thread on the Striking support forum any issues that they may find.

Happy Striking!
Striking Team

Beta 1.0 Prerelease Changelog dd Nov 15 2013:

  • Updated : Update of the Rev slider plugin to ver 4.05 which has all the latest fixes. The Rev slider will now pull blog posts as well. Plus numerous other fixes for that plugin.
  • Added : The footer menu will now support Font Awesome Icons
  • Updated : Misc code changes and refinements
  • Beta 1.0 Prerelease Changelog dd Oct 26:

    Please note that the Revolution slider is fully integrated into Striking and one should refer to the notes below on how to update if one has an older beta (0.959 or earlier) and revolution type slides created using the Revolution slider integrated into the older betas.

    Grayscale behaviour: IE 10 does not support the CSS3 attributes necessary for the grayscale implementation by Striking Responsive. So if you set a grayscale effect for some theme media, the theme has auto detection for IE10 and auto disables grayscale if it detects IE10.

    • Added: Thumbnail image size setting to shortcoded Popular Posts, Recent Posts and Portfolio List widgets
    • Added: Link Target Setting to shortcoded Popular Posts & Recent Posts widgets
    • Added: One touch demo content install setting to Striking Advanced Panel / General Tab – preparatory step for official launch – does not have demo content yet!
    • Fixed: some work on the CSS if turning off Responsive
    • Fixed: php error in Header-Landing.php file
    • Fixed: php error in loop.php and blog.php in respect of blog description length which had a default set to 0 instead of 55 characters
    • Improved: Continuing work on theme update code for movement of sites from Striking to Striking Responsive
    • Improved: Added preloading to the Nivo slider so that on slow sites there is no band in the screen while the first image is loading.
    • Updated: Finished re-organization of the Portfolio Panel settings and help dialogues
    • Updated: help dialogues for several of the shortcoded widgets
    • Many misc code tweaks in the background as we finetune performance

    Beta Changelog:

    • Added: Default apple Icon and precomposed icon as apple mobile devices now generate 404 errors if they don’t find them in the root.
    • Added: roles to the Striking Custom Post types (Slideshows & Portfolios) so that they register with role type plugins for the purpose of assigning specific roles to different users levels (or custom levels).
    • Added: Modification to Portfolio Gallery so that its images can be shown in the single post page using the Striking gallery shortcode (images in the portfolio gallery have to be newly uploaded or unassigned)
    • Updated: to new beta version of the Revolution Slider which has some changes from their dev team.  They believe the video autoplay on slide transitions will now work plus they made some other misc adjustments.
    • Fixed: Blog Shortcode for full width type display in columns.
    • Fixed: Author Widget which was not displaying authors to select.  A change has been made in the code for author, popular and recent post pages so that the call to the database is correct when a sub-domain type install with a custom database prefix.
    • Fixed: Custom text for “Navigate To” setting was not taking effect in mobile menu.
    • Fixed: Undefined variable img_src warning for gallery type slideshow images
    • Fixed: Trying to get property of non-object error generated in breadcrumbs.php stemming from an archive page query if there is no post for the taxonomy.
    • Updated: More changes to the Portfolio Panel and Portfolio Metabox help fields including a section explaining featured image and thumbnail images.

    Beta Changelog:

    • Added – Added mobile fallback options to the Portfolio Lightbox and Portfolio Doc types
    • Updated – Portfolio Metabox help dialogues and Portfolio Panel Help (dropdown panel) dialogues – Extensive new help material
    • Fixed – Portfolio MP4 not working in Chrome browser
    • Fixed – HTML 5 video in Android
    • Fixed – various portfolio display issues in iphone and ipad
    • Fixed – Bloglist issue with full width image
    • Many little code tweaks for mobile performance

    Beta Changelog:

    • Added – New Portfolio “Doc” type utilizing Google Docs to display various MS Office, Adobe, Apple, Compressed and more document types
    • Added – The Events Calendar Plugin compatibility
    • Added – Codecanyon DZS Timeline Slider Compatibility
    • Added – Custom Post Types Categories Filter
    • Added – Two additional Hover Effects for Woo Products in Catalogue list: Hoever Expand and Rotate (the latter just to have a little fun…)
    • Updated – Dropdown Help in All Striking Panels now active, about half have meaningful help language
    • Updated – Striking Font Panel help 100% updated, please review and provide feedback.
    • Updated – Rev Slider to Ver 3.0.95 (latest version at beta release date
    • Updated – mediaelement js
    • Updated – Fontawesome js
    • Fixed – Portfolio List Image Display and Twitter Widget Display in Safari on IMac and MacBook
    • Fixed – Nivo Slider Shortcode random image starting
    • Fixed – Text Widget w/Button Shortcode displacing subsequent widget title into offset position
    • Fixed – Accordion with Gmap Shortcode embedded
    • Fixed – Search Image in Media Library when using Image shortcode and want to search library while in the shortcode dialogue
    • Fixed – Accordion slider in mobile
    • Fixed – Accordion slider – if one set both the caption and description to none in the Easy Slideshow creator the caption background was still showing
    • Fixed – All Caption Style and Caption Animation Settings are now working
    • Changed – Top Level Subtitles in mobile menu mode – are now disabled versus would show as part of the top level string
    • Fixed – In Woo Product Excerpt Field (Short Product Description) the theme shortcode button was not working
    • Fixed – Nivo Slider Shortcode Post Category for viewing – was ignoring setting to show only title and displaying excerpt or content
    • Fixed – Function to make a blog post a sticky post in the Quick Edit was not working
    • Fixed – Added back the missing setting to disable Captions for the Accordion Slider in the SlideShow Panel/Accordion Slider Settings Tab
    • Fixed – Sortable portfolio with tabs, there is a lightbox tabbing issue. If one clicks on an image that was in the last group viewed by tab, when one is back in the All tabs state, only those images will show in the lightbox grouping
    • Fixed – In Fullscreen Mode the shortcode button was not working
    • Fixed – The “About Author Box” section of the single blog post function array error.
    • Fixed – input of capitals into color settings, #FEDECW is auto converted now to #fedecw
    • Fixed – PHP Strict Standards – replace the deprecated mktime() function framework/functions/head.php on lines 100-102 with the supported time() function
    • Fixed – error in supporting blog meta in the Feature Header Area when the feature header is globally disabled in the Striking General Panel
    • Fixed – Some shortcodes not working in the Blog Excerpt
    • Fixed – CSS padding when using layouts in the Feature Header Area set to Custom text mode, in mobile viewports – some bottom padding needed adjustment
    • Fixed – spelling mistakes in the Portfolio Images widget (there you go Alex!)
    • Other – There is numerous little code tweaks in our efforts to take complex functions and try and have them behave in various mobile devices, particularly apple devices using Safari. Most likely there is continuing work to be done here

    Beta 0.979 Changelog:

    Please note that the Revolution slider is fully integrated into Striking and one should refer to the notes below on how to update if one has an older beta (0.959 or earlier) and revolution type slides created using the Revolution slider integrated into the older betas.

    Grayscale behaviour: IE 10 does not support the CSS3 attributes necessary for the grayscale implementation by Striking Responsive. So if you set a grayscale effect for some theme media, the theme has auto detection for IE10 and auto disables grayscale if it detects IE10.

    Here is what has been amended in this interim build:

    • Added : Icon Font shortcode – Full Fontawesome implementation with 7 settings
    • Added : Fontawesome icon setting to top and sub level navigation for custom menu
    • Added : Fontawesome icon setting to Tab and Mini Tab titles
    • Added : Fontawesome icon setting to Accordion titles
    • Added : Fontawesome icon setting to Buttons
    • Added : 3 new caption settings to Accordion Slider
    • Added : Open First Slide on Load setting to Accordion Slider
    • Added : Image Alt Attribute setting to the Image shortcode
    • Changed : temporarily disabled Pop Up Caption Animation Style until it is debugged
    • Changed : temporarily disabled Pop Up Caption Easing Style until it is debugged
    • Changed : Woo compatibility is declared once one toggles on Woo Setting in Ecommerce Tab of Advanced Panel

    Beta 0.978 Changelog:

    • Fixed :  Image shadow/sprite issue in portfolio images as per user Fabio(Fabio)
    • Updated :  Image loading function when image is broken
    • Fixed :  default sidebar loading for searchpage if no custom sidebar set for it in the custom sidebar panel. It will default to the blog sidebar.
    • Updated :  Updated blog shortcode column function so one does not need to specify the width for featured image
    • Updated :  Correction of typos in Google Font Tab per user Satri(Alex)/li>
    • Updated :  Revolution Slider updated to latest build
    • Updated :  Some tweaking for all browsers

    Beta 0.977 Changelog:

    • Fixed:  Woo 2.0.12 full compatibility restored.
    • Fixed:  Edit Default Woo Shop page via the in-page “edit” button (a bottom of page when viewing a page while logged into a site). Currently can only be edited by going to the page via the WP pages menu in the admin nav.
    • Fixed:  Media elements loading and reloading as title in browser tab ie10.
    • Fixed:   f5 reload images chrome fixed.
    • Fixed:  IE10 Portfolio image load and reload fixed.
    • Fixed:  Chrome audio portfolio sometimes keeps on playing when closed by click outside lightbox
    • Fixed:  In FF, mp4 type portfolio video not playing (youtube and vimeo are fine).

    Beta 0.976 Changelog:

    • Fixed:  Gradient setting so that it is no longer necessary to turn it off for backgrounds to load.
    • Fixed:  Blog left and right float Featured Image alignmet in small viewport (FI now centers and scales 100% viewport width).
    • Fixed:  Divider Line max-width issue not being respected.
    • Fixed:  Header display in small viewport issue.
    • Fixed:  Fixed blog imageType=”default” with feature image float left or right setting issue.
    • Updated  Revolution Slider.
    • Other:  Misc code tweaks for FF and Chrome performance.

    Beta 0.975 Changelog:

    Here is what has been dealt with for this beta:

    • Added:  New twitter settings for importing the Twitter authentications – see Video
    • Added:  New settings for adding and removing the theme gradients and shadowing, and selecting a color for the sidebar divider, per popular request of users.
    • Fixed:  Blog Panel Settings for image type alignment in single blog post, Author link, category navigation, grayscale and other code tweaks.
    • Fixed:  Resize of featured images for any featured images in columns, when images resize through viewports. The image resizing javascript was extensively rewritten to address this matter.
    • Changed: Change to the breadcrumbs theme setting found in the General tab. It has been changed so that the setting is no longer a “double negative”. After installation, please go to the Striking General panel/General Page Layout Settings tab and review the revised setting “Site Breadcrumbs Visibility” which has an On and Off selector. “ON” will activate breadcrumbs site wide, and “OFF” removes breadcrumbs from the site.
    • Fixed: Nivo Slider shortcode transitions – thanks to Brian Peterson of Kismet Design (Oregon, United States) for finding the error. FYI, a good example of how finicky this work can be, the error here was a single character added to a word, in one php file. A needle in a haystack, and why input from users is so valuable. Kudos to Brian!! =D>
    • Tweaked: Nivo Slider code to address transitions & captions when the default slider in the feature header area. Please visit Nivo Slider in Feature Header to see it in action with varied caption types, and the “boxRainGrowReverse” effect in place.
    • Fixed: Grayscale for blog and image shortcode featured images.
    • Many ,many, many, many (we are not kidding!) code tweaks


    Here is a video providing an overview of the changes in this beta 0.97. Please note the video quality is standard definition only. There is some slight distortion in the text which is due to the quality of the screencasting software, whose bitrate is not very good.

    Beta 0.97 Changelog:

    Please note that the Revolution slider is fully integrated into Striking and one should refer to the notes below on how to update if one has an older beta (0.959) and revolution type slides created.

    Here is what has been dealt with for this beta:

    • Added:  New Drag and Drop “Easy Slideshow Creator” function – see Video
    • Changed:  Modernization of the Admin Panels, Metaboxes, etc
    • Added:  Alternate style for Top button and color and hover color options (square button in use on this page now!).
    • Added  Setting for sticky footer control on a page by page basis.
    • Added:  Align option setting for navigation subtitles.
    • Added:  Setting to turn On and Off the Revolution slider Plugin
    • Added:  Opacity Setting for Nivo Slider.
    • Fixed:  Blog Panel Setting to turn off the Read More button.
    • Fixed:  Recent Posts Widget – if one does not set a title length, the posts were not displaying at all.
    • A lot of code tweaking in the background

    Prior Beta 0.962 Release Changelog:

    • Fixed:  Missing Revolution Slider setting to pick from revolution slider slideshows in the homepage panel slideshow tab.
    • Fixed:  Gmap widget and Gmap Shortcode in Text Widget, in the footer, including fix when sticky footer is active.
    • Fixed:  Missing Revolution Slider Widget in Widget Panel.
    • Fixed:  Flag option working in header widget area when have wpml enabled.
    • Fixed:  Feature header background color when rev slider selected.
    • Fixed:  Button align not working in iphone 5.
    • Fixed:  Table resize sliding toggle at the bottom.
    • Fixed:  Added Close button to audio portfolio type.
    • Fixed:  Audio portfolio autoplay in IE 10 and Chrome.
    • Fixed:  Portfolio MP4 video in Chrome
    • Fixed:  Set page feature header color setting in Page Design Settings on a Woo Shop page

    Very Important Notes about upgrading and the Revolution Slider integration

    In the BETA version of the Striking Responsive (0.96) the Revolution Slider was integrated as a plugin instead of by way of js. As well, all revolution slider metaboxes were removed that were found in the Slider Post type from prior integration of the js version of the Revolution Slider.

    Because the js integration has been eliminated, all the associated option tables are removed, and when one upgrades to version of Striking Beta 0.96+ from a version 0.959 or older, any pre-existing revolution slides will be lost. There is no way around this as the js version, and the plugin version, use different tables in the mysql database.

    So one must undertake the following steps prior to installing Beta Ver 0.97:

    • If one has created Revolution type slides in Beta Ver 0.959 or prior, one should save all ones custom css from each slides layers into text documents, and perhaps even do some screenshots of ones settings.
    • Save in documents or by screenshots any other pertinent information relating to ones current Revolution slider type slides
    • On any page which has a revolution slider set in the Feature Header area or body content (or anywhere else) change to another slider type or go to the default header, and save the page. Be sure to go to your Striking Homepage panel, and even if you have now set a static homepage, still go to the slideshow tab and set the slideshow type to Nivo slider.
    • Then delete all Revolution Slide type slides
    • Make certain that all current references to a revolutions slider in content anywhere in your current version are removed
    • Install the Beta 0.97 by ftp, overwriting the current version of “strikingr”
    • Go to the theme Advanced Panel and clear the cache.
    • Check your custom menus, they should not have been affected, but if they are not showing as your principal nav for the header and footer, set them as such again
    • You will now note that the Revolution Slider shows as a separate option in the WP Dash Admin, and functions exactly as would if it were a plugin, however it is fully integrated into the theme files.
    • Done! Phew – that was a lot of writing!! :)

    For Official Release!

    - More call to action scripts for Striking are on the way, including fontawesome font integration, accordions, tabs and frame types. Its one of the flavors of the day at Themeforest at this time and we don’t want to be left behind, and this is easily and quickly implemented. We already have a huge number of CTA’s in our nav, buttons and other functions, and the new additions will further supplement Striking in this area.
    - Squashing of any remaining bugs.
    - Some new custom Woo functionality.

    WP 3.6 -> Striking Responsive is compatible with WP 3.6 according to our testing. However, the current timeline for WP 3.6 is now estimated at end of June with many changes as the new post UI has been abandoned by WordPress according to their last published updates. When another WP 3.6 beta is released Striking will be tested against it, and please wait for guidance on the matter prior to updating should WordPress spring the release upon the world without advance notice.